Revenue Management System

  • Insights to give you the edge in the insurance marketplace
  • Unique technology qualifies opportunities in a revolutionary way
  • Creates game changing sales habits in your company
  • A simple solution to a complex problem
  • We triage your prospects, sort them by opportunity, and you do the rest

Revenue Management System

"If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don’t bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking."

R. Buckminster Fuller



Use predictive automation to focus your activities on the best prospects and producers. Create game changing sales behavior in your underwriters, and modernize the insurance industries method of writing new business.



Detailed producer results enable you to focus your resources on producers who consistently provide the best opportunities for success. Better understand prospects buying habits. Quantify the likelihood of producers placing business with your company.


Enterprise wide inventory of qualified prospects, sorted by underwriter and producers, available at all levels of the organization.  Enables the entire organization to focus on the best prospects and maximize revenue. 


Strategic-ins-solutions is a consulting firm focused on changing the way the insurance industry produces new revenue. We believe all companies are interested in improving hit ratios, reducing wasted activity, and increasing revenue, without compromising their underwriting discipline.

In order to achieve these objectives we need to bring predictability and discipline to the new business process. Unfortunately the interaction between the underwriter and producer is often unstructured and sales skills maybe underdeveloped. The solution is The Revenue Management System, which enables the underwriter to accurately determine the producers’ intent and ability to place business with the company.

Revenue Management System

Designed for the insurance industry, has the power to significantly enhance revenue, reduce expenses, and create a more effective sales organization. We use an automated scoring system to predict the probability of turning new prospects into revenue. The scoring is arranged into four opportunity levels, which produce predictable, hit ratios from 20% to 60%.

This information is captured in reports, which are available at every level of the organization, and updated 24/7. Users have a revenue pipeline, which enables them to prioritize their activities on the best prospects, reduce unproductive activity, and maximize revenue.


The Revenue Management System®, combined with effective coaching, has the power to significantly enhance revenue growth, reduce expenses, and create a more effective sales organization, without compromising the underwriting process.

It is this interaction and the ability of the underwriter to accurately assess the producers’ intent and ability to place the business with the company, which often has a significant impact on expenses and more importantly revenue.

Without compromising the underwriting discipline, this tool is designed to assist all underwriters in improving their hit ratios and generating a higher volume of new business


Consulting and management support is available for you to understand and derive the maximum benefits from the utilization of the system. This includes  understanding the basic functionality of the system and it’s impact on revenue and productivity. Staff is also available to explore other benefits, beyond the obvious impact on results. We are available and welcome the opportunity to  discuss specific areas of interest, and customization of the system to fit individual clients needs or interests.


Use the information collected to gain insights into your agencies, and their contribution to your revenue objectives. Determine what percentage of new business was controlled. Know what percentage of the business was written at various opportunity levels, and the potential impact on the quality of your business. Learn how your key segments are contributing to your revenue objectives. These are a few of the additional benefits, which can be used to further enhance the management of your business. We can work with you to explore other possibilities and build capabilities into the system, which will be customized to your needs.


Think Differently

Use proven technology to bring predictability and simplicity to a complex and unproductive process

Producer Management

Detailed results enable you to analyze your producers’ commitment and ability to contribute to your revenue objectives. Creates focus on their placement behaviors and your value proposition in the marketplace


Unlike isolated training programs, your staff has a tool that continuously enables them to improve their sales skills


Pipeline of qualified prospects available at all levels of the organization, allows all members of the team to focus on their best prospects 

Better Insights

Provides insights into your prospects buying habits and measures producers willingness and capability to place business with your company


Scoring methodology is market tested

Improved Hit Ratio = Greater Revenue

5-point improvement in hit ratio increases revenue by 17%

10-point improvement results in a 30% increase in revenue

All of this plus reduced quote activity and associated expenses



RMS - a unique, market tested technology platform that qualifies new business opportunities in a revolutionary way.



Stop playing defense in your business and start playing offense by QUALIFYING your new business opportunities and optimizing your productivity.  


An automated decision tree that was built to replicate the decision process used by the those underwriters who combine exceptional sales skills and sound underwriting judgment to consistently produce better hit ratios and higher volumes of new revenue. 


Simplest way to grow your revenue without adding product or staff is to capture a larger share of the revenue that is already flowing through your organization. Do this by improving your hit ratio. You improve the hit ratio by doing a better job of qualifying your prospects and writing more of the business you quote. In other words, bring the same discipline and process to the production of revenue that is used to underwrite your business.

The Revenue Management System is an automated system designed to bring that discipline and process. The result is improved hit ratios, more revenue, and less wasted activity.


  • Opportunity Assessment Worksheet
  • Track Progress and Current Inventory
  • Manage Users
  • Historical Analysis
  • User Dashboard
  • Customize Organizational Levels
  • Score Card at all Levels
  • Producer Analysis


  • Help firms generate more revenue per underwriter
  • Reduce expenses by reducing unproductive and needless activity
  • Create discipline and transparency in the underwriter/producer interaction
  • Identify producers who consistently support the new business goals of the company


Managers can use information to monitor the quality of business and maximize the impact on their revenue plan.

Great tool for measuring individual and producer performance, allowing the organization to focus resources on business that has a higher probability of success.


Is a simple point and click system that requires the underwriter to answer a limited number questions about the potential insured's buying habits and the producers commitment to place the business with the particular carrier.

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